Month: December 2014

Instant of Time

My favorite photography quote. Courtesy of pioneer photographer Dorothea Lange. Dorothea was born in 1895 to German immigrant parents in Hoboken, NJ, and was educated at Colombia University in NYC. She was influential an documentary photographer and photojournalist and is best known for her Depression-era work. Her photographs humanized […]

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photo tabular iceberg

Tabular Iceberg

This is a tabular iceberg. Magnificent, yes? Tabular icebergs are also known as ‘ice islands’. The largest icebergs in the world are formed this way. Location: Erebus and Terror Gulf, Antarctic Peninsula


Follow up: Sydney Under Siege

This seems like a fitting image as a follow to yesterday’s post regarding the act of terrorism in Sydney. Two innocent people are dead. It’s a small number by international terrorism standards I suppose, but that will be little consolation to their families and friends. Also […]

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photo sydney harbour bridge

Sydney Under Siege?!

I had queued up this post yesterday; the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge in early morning light, with a ship (MV ‘The World’) docked at the International Cruise Terminal. Then news that terrorism had finally reached Australian soil broke. Hostages held in a cafe. Regular people going about […]

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photo greek worry beads

Worry Beads

If you’ve ever been to Greece or Cyprus you will have seen people endlessly twirling their worry beads. These strings of beads are common in Greek and Cypriot culture and they’re used to pass the time. Unlike the prayer beads you find in many religious traditions, […]

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