Month: January 2015

Wedding Locks

Locks. Lots of them. Attached to the Bastion Hill bridge in Riga. Why? Well, they’re no longer just locks. They’re symbols. Attaching locks to bridges is a popular tradition among newly married couples in Latvia. It symbolizes the stability and strength of their union. After the ceremony they walk to the […]


Damn, That Hurt!

That’s a BIG chunk of flesh missing. In some lion’s mouth probably. If you ask me, it needs disinfectant and a fresh wound dressing daily:) That ain’t happening!  Location: Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

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Misty Fjord Reflections

A few posts ago I shared an image that was a touch Salvador Dali-ish. The propellor of a DeHavilland Float Plane (you know, the kind that can land on water), pulled out of shape by the ripples of the lake surface. While everyone was looking up, I was looking […]

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Prayer Wheels

What you’re looking at are Tibetan prayer wheels in motion, and they are deliberately set in motion as people walk past them. The practice is to spin the wheels and recite a mantra. It’s an ancient religious and meditative practice. Prayer Wheels have been made for centuries in […]

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Isn’t it great how an eyesore abandoned car can make an arresting image. The incongruity and unexpected-ness of the whole scene delights me. After all, a large piece of someone’s garbage is sitting smack bang in the middle of what should be a pretty landscape vista, and yet […]


Kids are kids …

… the world over. I’ve witnessed versions of this scene in many countries. Children start out sweet. Innocent. Accepting. Non judgemental. Inclusive. Playful. Curious. Open. Honest. I could go on. So, what happens to us? How do we get from there to violent, righteous, fearful, […]

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DeHavilland Float Plane

Without some help it’s not easily recognizable as the propellor of a plane. It’s got a hint drug-y surrealism warping and shape pulling going on. The plane landed on an astonishingly beautiful lake in Alaska, and while the others in our small group were looking up […]

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Where is it!?

Provided you can swim, or hug the coastline with the skill of a mountain goat, a well deserved refreshing beverage awaits. If not, you’re fresh out of luck:) Location: Skiathos, Greece

photo sydney opera house

Sydney Opera House

Even though this is a somewhat abstract image, most will recognize the sails of this building. The SOH says ‘Australia’ as strongly as Uluru (Ayres Rock), a gum tree, the Great Barrier Reef or it’s neighbor, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s an icon. Instant branding. […]

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