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Isn’t it great how an eyesore abandoned car can make an arresting image. The incongruity and unexpected-ness of the whole scene delights me. After all, a large piece of someone’s garbage is sitting smack bang in the middle of what should be a pretty landscape vista, and yet (I think) the image wouldn’t be half as interesting if the car wasn’t there.  I love this shot. How about you? Would you prefer the scene minus the car?. Location: Maui, Hawaii, USA

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2 thoughts on “Abandoned”

  1. I like it too!! You can always go to another spot if you do not want the car in the shot! 😀 I think it adds interest!


    • Thanks nowathome:) Of course I don’t support pollution (it’s thoughtless and selfish). Nonetheless this particular pollution makes the image. I did wonder if the local authorities deliberately chose to leave the car. Sort of a statement perhaps?


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