Misty Fjord Reflections

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A few posts ago I shared an image that was a touch Salvador Dali-ish. The propellor of a DeHavilland Float Plane (you know, the kind that can land on water), pulled out of shape by the ripples of the lake surface. While everyone was looking up, I was looking down.

So, this shot is a glimpse of what the others in the group were looking at. I’ve still got the lens pointed down, but you the lake gives you a hint of the spectacular tree lined surrounds. This is the scenery that springs to mind when one thinks ‘Alaska’. Deep blue lakes of crystal clarity, lush waterfalls, intimidating snowcapped peaks, and vast glacial valleys. Postcard worthy images everywhere. It is *so* beautiful. So pristine. So as it should be. So NOT ruined by polluting humans. You can visit the Misty Fjords out of Ketchikan and, well, you really should. I think it might be good for the soul:)  Location: Misty Fjords, Alaska

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