Who’s Up For A Stroll On An Active Volcano?

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Australia-Oceania, Landscape, Travel

Have you ever wondered what an active volcano looks, feels and smells like up close and personal? It’s not that pleasant actually, but it is fascinating. It’s not that hard to do either. New Zealand has one. Scientists and volcanologists come from all over the world to see and study it. You can simply take a tour:)

History buffs, especially Australians, might be interested to know that this is another Captain James Cook find. As he was cruising around in Endeavour in 1769, he discovered and named it ‘White Island’ (although he never got close enough to realize it was an active volcano).

The landscape on the island is barren. Nothing survives the harsh acidic environment inside the crater walls. It’s like you imagine the moon to be, but with a (sort of!) breathable atmosphere. There is no vegetation, but you will see fabulous beds of yellow and white sulphur crystals growing amongst hissing, steaming, bubbling fumaroles. Beautiful in their own eerie, fragrant, way. Naturally, there are safety precautions. You are ambling about an active volcano after all! Hard hats, breathing apparatus and strict instructions to walk *exactly* where you are told to and in single file. It’s not conventionally attractive, and it smells pretty bad, but it’s well worth it. If you seek unique experiences, then this should definitely be on your list!  Location: White Island, NZ

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