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In an effort to help someone start their day with a smile, I left this greeting on a early morning beach walk. I hope I got at least one smile before the tide erased it. G’Day is Australian slang for Hello. Often it’s combined with Mate. So, “G’Day Mate” roughly translates as “Hello Friend”.  Location: Keawakapu Beach, Maui

Some things are immediately recognizable as Australian. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach (and it’s equally famous Surf Lifesavers). But a country with a relatively small population of 23 million (less than the state of California with 39 million as an example), is responsible for inventing: the black box flight recorder, electric drill, garage roller door, differential gears, latex gloves, kiwi shoe polish, salt water chlorination for domestic pools, polymer bank notes, refrigeration, vegemite, dual flush toilet, electronic pacemaker, bionic ear, self constructing tower crane (kangaroo crane), google maps (yes, it was originally called Walkabout before google purchased it), the Australian crawl (freestyle swim stroke), Speedo swimwear and the teleprinter to name a few. Perhaps the best one is Internet WiFi. True. Specifically Wirelsss LAN IEEE802.11. Although wireless networks had been around since the 1970s, they were too slow. It was the 802.11 protocol that became the industry standard in 1999 and, consequently, the ubiquitous technology we know today. How often have you gone hunting for a free wifi network? You can thank Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) for that.

source: whitehat.com.au/Australia/Inventions/InventionsA

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