The Darker Side of Vegas

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Americas, Architecture, People, Travel

Everyone who hears ‘Vegas Baby’ thinks of The Strip, the bright lights and the good times. Las Vegas Boulevard wears a cloak of prosperity and sophistication during the day and the ‘respectable’ evening hours. It is, however, a very different vibe at daybreak. This shot was taken shortly before sunrise on a cold November day. When I set up the composition I was focussed on the shiny wet concrete and the visual tunnel the overpass guide rails create. At first I didn‘t even notice the homeless man. He’s cold and tired. So tired he didn’t have the energy to find a bench to sit on. He looks dejected. As if his dreams are gone, and he’s not sure how, or when, that happened. He looks confused about what his next move is, so he lingers here drinking his coffee. I was sad for him. Location: Las Vegas, USA

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