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Little Buddha

While all other eyes were fixed firmly on Lahaina’s famous Giant Buddha, I found this Little Buddha. Hidden in a recess and overshadowed by it’s big brother statue, sat this little carving (or casting). With a hint of of a smile and a dramatic sunbeam spotlight, […]

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photo staircase

Dali-esque Stairs

When I got to the top of the stairs and looked down, I thought the staircase resembled a Salvador Dali painting. It was recognizable as a staircase, but the bannister was strangely warped and pulled out of shape. Other than some basic contrast adjustments, the image has […]

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Remember when …

… this was the pinnacle of technological advancement?  This was superseded by the vaunted IBM Selectric typewriter. Then came the revolution that was words on a screen before commitment to paper: word processors. Wang is the first name that comes to mind. Personal Computers make the […]

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Angkor Apsaras

Apsaras are beautiful, young, elegant, females. Masterful in in the art of dancing; they entertain and sometimes seduce men. Before you get too caught up in the possibilities, they’re also mythological:) According to Hindu legend the “elixir of immortality” was lost in the (mythological) Ocean of […]

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