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photo tabular iceberg

Tabular Iceberg

This is a tabular iceberg. Magnificent, yes? Tabular icebergs are also known as ‘ice islands’. The largest icebergs in the world are formed this way. Location: Erebus and Terror Gulf, Antarctic Peninsula Advertisements

colored photo sand dune

Dune 45

Known simply as ‘Dune 45’, this is arguably the most famous and photographed sand dune in the Namib Desert.  Its name is not, as many think, a simple chronological numbering of all the dunes. The name comes from the fact that it is at the […]

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photo port lockroy station

Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy, Antarctica. Discovered in 1904 and named after Edouard Lockroy, a French politician. During World War II the British established the Port Lockroy base which continued to operate as a research station until 1962. Today the buildings have been restored and operate as a museum. There’s even an official […]

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sunset in africa

African Sunset

Vibrant red, gold, and yellow tones. Only the African sun sets with glorious color like this. Location: Kittle Kulala Wildnerness Camp, Namibia, Africa, Copyright © Kate McKenna. All rights reserved.

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leafless tree in winter

Winter Tree

Magestic old tree in winter. In the foregound is a section of an ornate terrace concrete balustrade (which suggests how grand the rest of the mansion is) and in the distance a glimpse of ocean. Location: Vanderbilt Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

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