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Damn, That Hurt!

That’s a BIG chunk of flesh missing. In some lion’s mouth probably. If you ask me, it needs disinfectant and a fresh wound dressing daily:) That ain’t happening!  Location: Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

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Kids are kids …

… the world over. I’ve witnessed versions of this scene in many countries. Children start out sweet. Innocent. Accepting. Non judgemental. Inclusive. Playful. Curious. Open. Honest. I could go on. So, what happens to us? How do we get from there to violent, righteous, fearful, […]

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The door of no return

It is said that, through this door, passed 20 million men, women and children. Slaves. Bound for America. After being held in the cells of the Maison des esclaves (House of Slaves) they walked down this corridor, through this door and boarded a ship for transportation. Not to diminish the […]


Time for Sundowners

The best sunsets in the world happen in Africa. I’ve seen some spectacular ones at sea too, but there is something very special about an African sunset. Perhaps it’s not so much the landscape nor the sun, but the tradition of Sundowners. Making time to celebrate […]


Meet Poco

Poco was born around 1980 and, sadly, he was abused for the first 9 years of his life. He lived in a tiny cage suspended above a garage, where he sat day after day. His purpose was to attract potential customers. The cage was so small he […]


Shadow Tree

The unrelenting sun dominates the Namibian landscape and creates a riot of saturated orange shades. Some scenes, like this one, are bare bones simple. A wall, a dead tree, some sand and rocks. Add the sun at the right time of day and you transform […]


How do you take your coffin?

Welcome to The Coffin Centre in Accura:) These coffins, produced by skilled carpenters, presented in a curious lineup of fish, lions, cars, books, planes and more. A cultural tradition where the coffin usually celebrates the life work or favourite pastime of the deceased. What would your coffin be? Location Accura, […]

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