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In an effort to help someone start their day with a smile, I left this greeting on a early morning beach walk. I hope I got at least one smile before the tide erased it. G’Day is Australian slang for Hello. Often it’s combined with Mate. So, “G’Day Mate” […]

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photo sydney opera house

Sydney Opera House

Even though this is a somewhat abstract image, most will recognize the sails of this building. The SOH says ‘Australia’ as strongly as Uluru (Ayres Rock), a gum tree, the Great Barrier Reef or it’s neighbor, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s an icon. Instant branding. […]

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photo sydney harbour bridge

Sydney Under Siege?!

I had queued up this post yesterday; the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge in early morning light, with a ship (MV ‘The World’) docked at the International Cruise Terminal. Then news that terrorism had finally reached Australian soil broke. Hostages held in a cafe. Regular people going about […]

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