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Anyone Know When This Bar Opens?

This is one of those lucky shots. You happen to walk by, camera in hand, at just the right moment. If you’ve been to the Greek’s most popular island, Santorini, you will recognize this. Riding a donkey is one way to ascend from sea level to […]

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Where is it!?

Provided you can swim, or hug the coastline with the skill of a mountain goat, a well deserved refreshing beverage awaits. If not, you’re fresh out of luck:) Location: Skiathos, Greece


The Porch of the Caryatids

The Erechtheion (or Erechtheum) is one of the ancient temples at the Acropolis. On it’s south side you will find a large porch, the “Porch of the Maidens”, with the famous statues. Six draped female figures (caryatids) which are supporting columns. One the original six figures was removed by Lord Elgin […]

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Worry Beads

If you’ve ever been to Greece or Cyprus you will have seen people endlessly twirling their worry beads. These strings of beads are common in Greek and Cypriot culture and they’re used to pass the time. Unlike the prayer beads you find in many religious traditions, […]

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