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The Sea Monoliths

This is Hạ Long Bay, or Descending Dragon Bay in English. Legend says that the Gods sent a family of dragons to protect and assist the Vietnamese in defending their country. Magically, many rock mountains abruptly appeared on the sea causing the invading ships to strike the […]


Time for Sundowners

The best sunsets in the world happen in Africa. I’ve seen some spectacular ones at sea too, but there is something very special about an African sunset. Perhaps it’s not so much the landscape nor the sun, but the tradition of Sundowners. Making time to celebrate […]

photo port lockroy station

Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy, Antarctica. Discovered in 1904 and named after Edouard Lockroy, a French politician. During World War II the British established the Port Lockroy base which continued to operate as a research station until 1962. Today the buildings have been restored and operate as a museum. There’s even an official […]

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